Friday, May 30, 2008

Guidlines for the Kanwarias

Essential articles:

1. A kanwar
2. Two water - pots
3. A towel
4. A bag
5. Required money
6. A piece of plastic cloth
7. Two pairs of saffron - coloured dresses
8. A torch and a few candles
9. A carpet and two sheets (Chadar)
10. A match box and a packet of Agarbatti (incense sticks)

Rules and Norms:

1. To maintain celibacy (Bramhacharya)
2. To remember Lord Shiva by keeping mind, heart and speech pure
3. To speak the truth
4. To be inspired by charity and service
5. To take bath before taking the kanwar
6. To recite Bam - Bam
7. Not to use oil and soap
8. Not to wear shoes
9. Not to take any article made of leather
10. To avoid dogs. (dogs should not be touched)

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